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Custom Trim for Commercial Spaces: What to Consider Before Buying

In any business, the look of a building’s interior is an essential part of creating a welcoming and professional environment. The right custom interior trim provides function as well as form, protecting the walls from damage and adding a beautiful aesthetic to the space. However, selecting the perfect trim is not always an easy task. From window and door trim to crown molding, chair rail trim and baseboard trim, the options can be overwhelming.

With some helpful advice and guidance from Myers Architectural Millwork, business owners can create the perfect interior with confidence.

Here are six questions to consider when selecting custom interior trim:

What is the intended function of the space?

The function of the space should also inform the style of the trim. Heavy traffic areas may require more durable and resilient trim, while formal or executive areas often benefit from more refined and delicate trim for an elegant touch. Business owners should examine the purpose and intended use of the space when selecting custom interior trim. 

What is the overall style of the building?

Business owners should study the style of the building when selecting custom interior trim. Whether a building is traditional or modern, the right trim can complement and enhance the architectural style of the space. Myers Architectural Millwork can provide a range of custom options, ensuring the trim fits the building’s style seamlessly.

What type of material fits the project budget and would look best?

With a range of materials available, from wood to metal and composite materials, the material choice can heavily impact the project’s bottom line and aesthetic of the room. Custom interior trim options can vary in price, and business owners must examine their budget when selecting trim. The available funds will determine the level of detail and quality of the trim that is selected. 

The trim material should be chosen based on the overall design of the space, such as the color scheme and overall interior design. Environmentally friendly options are available, and choosing these options can contribute towards sustainability efforts while also achieving an elegant and professional vibe. The trim must complement the existing finishes, furniture and fixtures in the room to create a cohesive, polished look.

How will the trim be installed and maintained?

From the moment a customer walks into a commercial space, first impressions are key. Every detail counts, and this includes the wall trim. While it may seem like a small detail, wall trim is an essential element that adds a level of sophistication and elegance to any commercial space. It’s for this reason that it’s preferred to have professionals install and maintain wall trim in business spaces. Professional installation means precise cuts, seamless seams and an assurance that the trim will sit level and snug against the wall. Professional maintenance makes certain the trim remains picture-perfect and free of chips, gaps and other unsightly blemishes. Why risk a DIY disaster when you can trust professionals to create an upscale ambiance that will impress clients and customers?

How can the trim be designed to incorporate safety features or accessibility adaptations?

Custom trim can also be designed to incorporate safety features or accessibility adaptations. For example, chair rail trim can be installed at a height that is easy for users to lean on when standing back up. By incorporating trim that provides a firm grip, a room can become more accessible to people with mobility issues or other disabilities. Trim can also be used to indicate changes in flooring or other potential hazards, making a space safer for occupants.

How can the trim be designed to reflect the brand’s identity?

When thoughtfully designed, wall trim can be utilized to reflect a brand’s unique identity in creative and unexpected ways. From a pop of color to an intricate pattern or texture, the possibilities are virtually endless. By incorporating branding elements into the wall trim, such as logos or slogans, a space can truly come alive, and visitors can experience a brand’s values and personality in a tangible way. 

How Myers Architectural Millwork Can Help

Selecting the right custom interior trim can be a challenge, but Myers Architectural Millwork can assist business owners in creating distinct, tailored solutions. Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing custom interior trim. We work with clients to understand their needs and preferences, provide the best options suitable for each scenario and guide them in making an informed decision that aligns with their intended purpose and budget.

In addition, Myers Architectural Millwork offers a wide variety of custom trim options, including window and door trim, crown molding, chair rail trim and baseboard trim. Our experts work with the latest techniques and tools to create bespoke designs that are unique, durable and stylish.

Have a question regarding a new commercial build or renovation? We can help. Contact us today, and our staff can begin guiding you toward your project’s next step!