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made by Myers

Myers Countertops and Closets has been fabricating cabinets and countertops for over 20-years, and has just opened up a full residential division – able to assist in all of your custom/semi-custom needs.

Variety and expertise

Myers cabinets supply all sorts of products for countertops. Plastic laminate, platform, solid surface, quartz, stone, butcher block, glass. Not sure about what material would be best? 


Plastic laminate can give you more color and pattern choices, and usually is the least expensive.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a non-porous product and the material is usually half-inch thick solid. More durable than plastic laminate. Many patterns and colors available for solid surfaces.

Quartz and Stone

Man-made and natural made products probably the most durable and longest-lasting of countertop materials.

Butcherblock and glass

For the special areas and different looks.

Full Installation Services

We understand the importance or trusted installation – we see it as the implementation of the architect’s final vision. That’s why MCI is full-service provider every step of the way, from sketchpad to the final finish.