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Redesigns & New Builds: When is Architectural Millwork the Right Move?

If you’re planning to redesign your space or are beginning a new build, one key element that shouldn’t be overlooked is custom architectural millwork. This type of work — our wheelhouse — involves the design, fabrication and installation of specialized wood products such as stairs, mouldings, cabinetry and other high-end finishes that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Incorporating custom architectural millwork into your design can add aesthetic and functional value to your space, as well as increase property and resale value.

There are various scenarios in which a business should consider incorporating custom architectural millwork into their construction or renovation project. Here are different instances in which incorporating custom architectural millwork into a redesign or new build may be beneficial, along with questions to ask and ways that Myers Architectural Millwork can assist.

Breathe Life into a Dull Space

One reason businesses may consider custom architectural millwork is to breathe life into an otherwise dull space. Flat walls and basic trim can leave a business feeling like just another cookie-cutter establishment. With the addition of custom millwork, however, a business can create a unique look that stands out among its competitors. At Myers Architectural Millwork, we work with business owners to design millwork that reflects their brand identity and adds visual interest to their space.

Questions to ask: What aspects of our brand do we want reflected in our millwork design? Should the millwork be ornate or simple? Which areas of our space could benefit from millwork?

Maximize Functionality

In addition to aesthetic benefits, custom architectural millwork can also improve the functionality of a space. For example, adding millwork to a reception desk can create an easy and efficient space for staff to use. Similarly, creating custom cabinetry, lockers, shelving or other storage solutions can maximize storage and organization in the kitchen or bathroom of a business. 

The professionals at Myers Architectural Millwork can work with business owners to identify areas where millwork may improve functionality and design custom pieces to meet specific needs.

Questions to ask: In which areas of our space do we need additional storage or organization? Are there any spaces where function could be improved with the addition of millwork?

Restore Historical Spaces

Restoring historical spaces can be a challenging task, but custom architectural millwork can help maintain historical integrity while adding modern functionality. When designing millwork for historical spaces, the team at Myers Architectural Millwork takes great care to ensure each piece is expertly crafted and designed to match the original period features of the space.

Questions to ask: Which areas of our historical space require millwork restoration? What style and appearance should the millwork match?

Highlight Unique Features

Custom architectural millwork can be used to highlight unique features of a space. For example, a business with a large fireplace can create a custom mantelpiece to accentuate the fireplace’s beauty. Highlighting unique architectural hardware with custom millwork can create a cohesive look and showcase the architecture of the building. The skilled artisans at Myers Architectural Millwork can create custom pieces to highlight any distinct feature or architectural hardware.

Aspects of Planning to Consider

When determining the type of custom architectural millwork that would best serve your business’ needs, here are some factors to consider:

Establish the budget: The cost of custom millwork can vary greatly based on factors such as design and materials. Establishing a budget should form the beginning point of the planning process.

Review practicability: What is it that you will use the custom millwork for? Are you looking for something to raise your business status, a piece that will work toward a general theme or looking for specific functionally?

Weigh different material types: The selection of the material used for the millwork is important to achieve the desired aesthetic, end use as well as cost. The materials used will also contribute to the project’s durability.

How Myers Architectural Millwork Can Help

Custom architectural millwork can be a cornerstone aspect of any space redesign or new build, providing aesthetic beauty, functional benefits, historical preservation and highlighting unique features. If you’re considering custom millwork for your business, the skilled artisans at Myers Architectural Millwork can guide you through the design process and expertly craft pieces that reflect your unique brand identity, improve functionality and enhance the beauty of your space.

Are you planning a new project and unsure of your next move? Have a question about our capabilities or past work? Myers Architectural Millwork wants to hear from you. Contact us today and one of our team members will be happy to assist!