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Top Countertop Solutions: Update and Improve Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Putting in a new kitchen countertop – or remodeling with a countertop replacement? Give your kitchen or bathroom a modern update with a custom countertop solution that compliments your home or building. Get the decor upgrade you’ve been looking for by choosing from one of these custom countertop solutions. 

Learn everything you need to know about the options available when customizing your kitchen or bathroom countertop. See the pros and cons of each countertop material to find the solution that best fits your needs. And, discover how a granite, quartz, marble, or butcher block countertop solution can substantially improve the quality of your kitchen. 

Custom Countertop Solutions for Updating Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Choosing the best countertop solution depends on the material of the countertop. When planning your kitchen or bathroom renovation, the countertops are one of the most visible elements of the design. But, the countertops are, also the surfaces that receive the most wear-and-tear. 

The materials you choose for your countertop solutions make the difference between counters that last 5 years and those that last a lifetime. To choose the best custom countertop for your kitchen, you have to know the difference between the top countertop solutions and materials. 

Granite Countertops

You can’t go wrong with granite countertops. Granite is the top countertop solution for timeless, elegant beauty. Many inexpensive, low-quality countertops are designed to visually imitate granite, but there is no substitution for the real thing. Adding granite countertops to your kitchen upgrades the quality of your home – let-alone your kitchen. 

Granite countertops are naturally heat-proof and do not get heat-marks. Granite is extremely strong when cutting and installed correctly, making it very difficult to damage or scratch. And, granite countertops are virtually waterproof and resist rot and deterioration caused by moisture damage. 

Granite is the highest quality material for countertops, giving it the most prohibitive prices per square foot. If the granite is improperly installed, the slabs can crack, which is impossible to put back together. But, if you are looking for the highest quality material for a luxury kitchen, granite is the best countertop solution.

Marble Countertops

Marble is another natural stone countertop solution with which to customize your kitchen. High-end kitchens and bakeries use marble countertops in select areas of the kitchen for rolling dough. Unlike a wooden butcher block, the smooth glossy finish of marble is naturally resistant to accumulating flour and dough particles.

Marble features intricately textured and intricately varied visual designs. No two pieces of marble are alike, making your marble countertop intimately individualized. And, it is a perfect accent material for granite, also adding to the value of your home.

Of the two, marble is more temperamental. Unlike granite, marble scratches, and stains easily, so it is not a common countertop solution for the entire kitchen as that of granite. Besides, marble is prohibitively expensive, making marble a luxury countertop solution for those with deep pockets – and fine-taste. 

Quartz or Engineered Stone Countertops

In recent years, engineered stone countertops are gaining popularity for their ability to mimic the look of natural stone, like granite. Engineered stone is a manufactured material that is primarily made from quartz. The quartz crystal is crushed into a powder and mixed with resin which is molded and hardens into a slab. 

Remodeling with engineered stone is the best choice for budget countertop solutions. It is more affordable than granite or marble and compares similarly in performance. Also, some engineered stone manufacturers use a cold-embed process to engrain texture and images on the slab to mimic natural stone and other materials. 

Engineered stone quartz countertops are easy to clean and maintain without any additional sealant or treatment. And, like granite, its durable form is stain, heat, and scratch-resistant. But, also like granite and marble, quartz countertops can crack over time, if not properly installed. 

Wooden Butcher Block Countertop

Because of the high-use that kitchen countertops receive, wood is rarely used for all counter surfaces. Instead, a butcher block counter or island is a great countertop solution for adding warm, earthy tones to the kitchen. Solid wood butcher block countertops stand out from the rest of the kitchen, providing aesthetic balance and culinary functionality.

Some of the most popular wooden countertop solutions are made from a maple or oak tree. Each tree offers its unique grain pattern and color variations. And, a well-crafted wooden countertop can last several lifetimes – when properly maintained. 

Wooden countertops require more frequent attention and maintenance. They are prone to water damage, scratches, cracking, bacteria, and stains. And, butcher block countertops are flammable, making them a hazard when installed near the stove. 

Stainless Steel Countertops

If you don’t mind the industrial kitchen aesthetic, stainless steel countertops are extremely functional and easy to maintain. Stainless steel is resistant to heat and very strong. And, for the right design, stainless steel offers a clean, contemporary aesthetic to your kitchen. 

Unlike granite, stainless steel is easily scratched by using it as a cutting surface. And, it carries a higher price tag, because the countertop unit is manufactured in one-piece. But, at the end of the day, stainless steel is popular in professional kitchens because it is the most well suited to cooking. 

The right countertop solutions for your kitchen will add value to your home while improving the atmosphere. A high-quality countertop comes from master craftsmen and professional fabricators. Talk to a countertop expert to see which countertop solutions are best for your kitchen or bathroom.